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Ensure proper hygiene of your pet with dog dental care products from Redmart

Brushing teeth must be a part of everyone’s daily routine be it you or your dog. Even if you do not get much time for your dog, then you must brush their teeth at least once a week. If you do not want your dog to develop any periodontal disease over the course of the years, then the dog dental care products from Redmart on Lazada will be very much helpful. These teeth will keep symptoms like discoloration of teeth or bad breath away. Moreover, they will also protect your dogs from experiencing inflammation of gums. The dog toothpaste available on this store does not contain any fluorine content or foaming agent. Their abrasive actions are effective in controlling tartar and removing plaque.

You will also get good quality dog mouthwash which is very effective in maintaining fresh breath for 12 hours straight. Some of the mouthwashes are formulated in a way that you can simply add them in your pet’s bowl of water every day and their teeth will be cleaned every time they drink water. The self-regulating formula of the mouthwash kills all the germs that cause bad breath. The mouthwash does not contain any surfactants or detergents and is completely safe for your pet. The dog tooth gel solves all gum irritations with its soothing formula. The product is formulated thoughtfully to provide your pet with the right dental hygiene. The formula has purified water, natural cleanser, great tea leaf extract and mint.

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The dog oral care products also include dental wipes which are a quick and easy way to clean your dog’s teeth. The dog toothbrush available on this store is designed in a special way so that the size and angled heads enable you to clean your dog’s teeth easily. Some of the toothbrushes also come with double-ended heads which includes both small and large brush with an angled design so that you can easily clean all the hard-to-reach places. The bristles are not harsh and made with soft fibers so that they do not hurt or irritate your pet’s gums. You will also get hygiene kits where you will have everything required for a dental hygiene routine.

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