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Discover the magic of using eyelid tapes

Eye makeup is getting more and more intense by the year. There was a time when only eyeshadows and eyeliners were commonly used. These days, you can find multiple individual products aimed at making the eyes look more attractive and defined. One such product that is a rage, especially in the Asian countries is the eyelid tape. The double eyelid is something that women consider to be an added beauty. This is a well-defined crease over your natural eyelid. However, for a lot of women, these are either not well defined or uneven. Here is where a tape helps.

Such tapes are clear strips that hold the skin above your eyelids to create an artificial crease. If you have droopy eyelids, these are perfect to hold the skin tight too. Since the tape is completely transparent, you will not be able to see its presence. Women find the dual eyelid an instant attraction and this also makes your eye makeup stand out distinctly. You can find a lot of different products available in the market to create this dual eyelid effect. You should, however, be choosing only good brands if you want them to stay on for the whole day and look completely invisible. If you are never satisfied with the way your eyes look, buy eyelid tapes and add more definition.

Create an attractive double eyelid with eyelid tapes in Singapore

Most women have gotten into the habit of using these tapes as their everyday makeup routine. After taking bath, the first thing they do is apply the tape, let it set and then work on the rest of their skincare and makeup products. The type of adhesive that comes with the tape makes a huge difference in how taut it remains and how long you can keep them on. There are different thicknesses these double eyelid tapes come in. If you have ill-defined double lids already, the thinner varieties make them look better. For people with no crease at all, the thicker variety adds definition. Blepharoplasty is a kind of surgery women undergo to create these natural double eyelids. If you are not ready to go to such expensive lengths, these tapes are very easy solutions.

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