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Redmart offers the latest in first aid supplies for emergencies

Life is always uncertain, no matter how careful you are or how much you plan ahead. Hence, suffering injuries, cuts and burns is an unavoidable part of life. This is the reason why you should stock up on first aid supplies of the best quality, whether at home or at the office. Getting hold of such products is now simple with Redmart. From sterile swabs and surgical masks to alcohol wipes, wound plasters, bandages, and common ointments, there is a whole lot you can choose from as per your need. Clinics and diagnostic centers can also order in bulk so that they can cater to their patients in the best way possible. You can easily put together a first aid kit with these commonly needed items and carry it with you on trips as well. 

A medical emergency can happen anywhere, and hence it makes sense to be prepared. Get hold of a first aid box online which contains waterproof plaster, crepe bandages, eye pads, absorbent gauze, and hypoallergenic tape. Such kits might come with scissors, sterile cotton balls, latex gloves that are disposable and antiseptic creams and wipes. When you are looking for first aid kit supplies, consider buying scar gels too. They come in handy when a wound or cut heals. A cold gel is also a wise choice when you need to alleviate inflammation or swelling after a fall or a sudden impact. These gels aid in reducing local arthritic pain as well. The mouth ulcer gel is also helpful as it reduces the soreness and can make eating easy. 

Always keep basic first aid supplies handy

You should ideally carry a first aid bag with you whether you drive every day to your office or you are taking a business trip or going on a vacation. This will be very useful for hikes, treks and climbs too, as you never know when you might hurt a bone or sprain a muscle. Tying up a hurt arm with a bandage or quickly applying a waterproof plaster on a cut, are measures that can save you from bigger complications if the pain or wound is left unattended. You can also stock up on foot care creams, like for painful corns, and ointments for itchy skin. Creams for burns are also available online and can give you quick respite. Sterile cotton balls or gauze are perfect for cleaning up a wound or stopping blood flow. Keep sanitizers handy too as you can keep your hands as well as foreign surfaces clean for added protection before use. 

So, get ready to explore the huge collection of basic first aid kit supplies at Redmart on Lazada. We deliver all over the island, from 7 am to 10 pm, and on all days of the week. Our products come at the lowest prices you can find anywhere. Still, is a competitor offering you an identical first aid item at a lower regular selling price? Tell us now and we will compensate you by paying twice the difference. Lazada LiveUp members can also benefit by getting a 5% discount on every order placed. We will deliver to them for free on orders that exceed SGD 40 in value.