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Savor the healthy focaccia bread in different forms

Bread is one form of food that people with otherwise varying tastes and food preferences love to eat. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a day’s meal without including bread at least once. Breads are usually made of wheat and sometimes whole wheat, so even if you are on a diet and avoiding calories, bread will do you no harm. Now, as a bread lover, you must know about the different types available out there in order to enjoy varying tastes and prepare different meals and dishes. Most of us are familiar with Panini bread but somewhat similar to it is the focaccia bread too. Widely popular in Italy and the US, focaccia is basically a flat oven-baked bread. Its shape is like that of pizza dough. Simply seasoning this bread with some olive oil, salt, and herbs can let you have a delicious snack.

This particular type is quite healthy and is, therefore, widely used in cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. As it appears as pizza dough, it can be topped with onion, cheese, potato cubes, meat, and a lot of other stuff. Best consumed as a side to a meal, you can use it as the main pizza base as well. However, if you are a frequent consumer of sandwiches in particular, then you must know about the ciabatta bread. This specific bread can be compared to a French baguette. It is usually made from a combination of wheat flour, water, olive oil, salt, and yeast. This bread has a distinct flavor and taste in itself and can be also savored without absolutely anything.

Prepare sandwiches, pizzas and more with the various kinds of breads available

Ciabatta can be long, broad and flat. The best thing about this specific type of bread is that it can be baked in many different ways. It is, in fact, most commonly used as Panini or pressed sandwich in the Western countries. You cannot imagine a sandwich without this bread just as you cannot think of pizza without focaccia. All these types of breads are not just healthy but also quite suitable for most people with certain dietary restrictions. You can prepare a number of recipes using these breads.

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