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Whether you need something healthy and filling for breakfast or you need something tasty for an evening snack, baked goodies can come to your rescue admirably. Sliced bread of different kinds, croissants, crepes, tortillas, and cakes are among the popular bakery items you can stock up on to make mealtimes easy and delicious. And Redmart can help you find all of these online, easily. You can order fresh bread from the comfort of your home now and enjoy the warm and rich taste and great textures. These can be paired with butter, jam or cheese to prepare a wholesome breakfast. Or you can make a sandwich with the filling of your choice, be it chicken, eggs or veggies.  

Always keep a loaf of bread handy whether you are having lunch or dinner, as these are versatile and can be enjoyed in different ways. Whether you prefer white bread, multigrain, milk bread or wholemeal, a few slices can be well enjoyed with a bowl of soup, a rich curry or a hearty stew. Do check out the butter croissants as well, as they are super soft and delicious. Chocolate croissants are also available for those who love a sweeter kick. Serve these with tea or coffee when guests come over. They are free from artificial colors or flavors and are super fresh. You will get muffins online too, and they can make for a satisfying after-dinner treat. Or, you can pack some muffins or croissants for your child’s lunch. 

Get hold of delicious baked goodies at amazing prices 

Redmart offers baked goods of numerous types now. The crepes, for example, are perfect for preparing desserts by pairing them with cream, chocolate sauce, and berries. They are thin, fluffy and delectable on their own too. Crepes stuffed with chocolate and crispy cereal are also on offer. While searching for bakery products, do consider buying wholemeal tortillas too. They can be filled with veggies, prawns, chicken or beef and enjoyed with different sauces. Chocolate chip cookies, marble cake, and butter biscuits are some other baked options you can stock up on to entertain guests or satiate sudden hunger pangs. 

Redmart on Lazada now makes it very simple to buy bakery items at attractive prices. We offer a price match guarantee that ensures you get the best rates ever. Did you still get an identical baked good at a lower regular selling price with our competitor? Tell us now and we will compensate you by paying twice the difference. All our baked goodies are delivered fresh or you get your money back. We also deliver all over the island, on all days of the week, from 7 am to 10 pm. Lazada LiveUp members also get a 5% discount on every order placed here and they enjoy free delivery on orders worth more than SGD 40. Online shopping couldn’t get any better than this.