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Enjoy the sweet splendor of festive sweets from Redmart

There are a number of occasions in a year where you can share the joy by giving gifts. Giving gifts is satisfying and yet it can be challenging in terms of picking the right ones. A number of factors such as age, likes, and preferences can make picking the right thing challenging. Add to this a tight budget and it is definitely going to be a struggle. Festive sweets are a wonderful way of sharing happiness without going wrong about the gift though. These gifts are packaged and put together beautifully making it easy to gift. Glass jars with beautiful ribbons make for a wonderful impression no matter whom you give them to. In fact, it is possible that with these candy gifts, you will become the most popular person around!

A sweet gift box is a great option when you are visiting someone who is just an acquaintance. Such boxes of sweets can be a great ice-breaker, making it the perfect way to become friends. There are quite a few options and you can pick numerous sweets from Redmart online. They will be delivered to your home and they come packaged neatly too. You can buy traditional sweets, salted butter toffees, lemongrass rock candies, durian candy or rock candy. As you pick a mix of your favorite candies and sweets, you can also buy a good candy jar. Such fancy candy jars can be filled up with the best candies for maximum enjoyment. These jars can be placed on a dining table for everyone to enjoy.

Spread the joy with the best quality popcorn

There is nothing more satisfying than a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Depending on what you like and prefer, you can buy corn kernels or ready-to-eat popcorn. There are quite a few flavors that you can experiment with since they are not too expensive, you can enjoy this fresh and wonderful snack often. A popcorn tub can make a wonderful gift when you are dropping in on friends or family. The popcorn in the tub is prepared and blended with rich and natural butter that lingers as you eat popcorn. You can pick from salt, caramel, or plain depending on your individual tastes. In fact, a popcorn bucket is a perfect companion when you are catching up on movies.

Make the most of special occasions with festive sweets that you can order from Redmart on Lazada Singapore. Our freshness promise on all such edibles comes with a money back guarantee. Have you been offered a lower price on an identical regular priced product anywhere else? Well, we will reimburse you twice the difference in cost without any questions asked. No matter where you live, we deliver all across the island, 7 days of the week, between 7 am and 10 pm. LiveUp members of Lazada can benefit immensely for orders exceeding SGD 40.00 as they will get free delivery. Also, they can enjoy a 5% discount on every Redmart order.