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Tasty and nutritious cured meat is now available with Redmart 

Whipping up a quick meal that also tastes wonderful is easy with cured meats. Whether you like salami, pepperoni, ham, pork belly or beef jerky, Redmart brings you all kinds of well-packaged and hygienic cured meats at great prices. For instance, beef salami from a reputed brand is made of 100% beef and is nutritious as well as tasty. You can have it as it is or fry it a little and add to sandwiches or burgers. You can also try pork salami made with crushed pepper, which will go well in cold cut platters. Salami that combines pork and beef is also available and can be served at a casual party with beer. Spicy chorizo, made of roughly chopped pork and seasoned with garlic and paprika, is a delicious buy too. You can add it to salads or stir-fried veggies.   

Consider getting Iberian salami too, which is like dry-cured sausage made by chopping up pork meat and fat thinly and spicing it up with pepper, salt, oregano, and nutmeg. It has a smoky flavor and can be used on pizzas or added to creamy pasta. Sliced ham is also available online and prepared from the best pork for a unique taste. It is fresh and healthy and can be used in sandwiches or cut into strips for adding to pasta or thick curries. For a snack, you can melt some cheese on nachos and add fried strips of ham on top for a filling experience.  Cured pork belly is another good buy as it is seasoned with spices, salt, and pepper, and can be added to pasta sauces for a unique texture and flavor.  

Cured meats of all kinds are now within easy reach 

Redmart also brings you beef pepperoni prepared by mixing in black pepper and fat. It can make for a yummy pizza topping and are firm too. You can get spicy pepperoni too if you like a smoky flavor and some heat. Beef jerky is another kind of cured meat that can satiate your sudden snacking needs. Try the one seasoned with crushed pepper for a tasty treat. The teriyaki variety of jerky is perfectly smoked and contains hints of garlic, onion, and soy for a true East Asian taste. If you prefer poultry over the meat, sliced turkey breast can be right for you. The slices are tender, correctly brined and loaded with flavors. 

So, go online and explore the collection of cured meats by Redmart on Lazada. We promise the freshest of products with a money back guarantee. You can also expect islandwide delivery on all days of the week, from 7 am to 10 pm. Our price match guarantee is also the reason why you can save a lot of money. Found an identical cured meat product at a lower regular selling price with our competitor? Inform us and we will compensate you with two times the difference. Also, we have additional benefits for Lazada LiveUp members. They can get a 5% rebate on every order and enjoy free delivery on purchases that exceed SGD 40.