Kimchi, Pickles & Chutney

Include fermented vegetables like kimchi from RedMart in your diet 

Fermented foods like kimchi, pickles, kraut, etc are full of probiotics, electrolytes, and live enzymes. Research suggests that these help break down food into smaller, more elemental forms and thus make it easier to digest. Most fermented vegetables are also rich in fibers and thus are quite healthy for us. The probiotic bacteria that can be found abundantly in fermented vegetables are excellent for diversifying the flora of our gut and helping us remain healthy. While kimchi belongs to Korea, pickles are said to have originated in ancient India and traveled around the world – to countries like America, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, etc. If you like to keep a stock of fermented vegetables, then visit RedMart and shop to your heart’s content. 

People who love pickles can find a variety of pickles at this online store. They can choose from a mixed pickle vegetable, pickled whole radish, pickled plum, and many others. The pickled radish available here are made from ume vinegar and are perfect appetizers for meals. Mixed vegetable pickle contains a mix of carrot, cucumber, and cabbage that are marinated in a sauce that is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Customers can even buy different varieties of chutney from here. Mango lovers can buy the sweet mango chutney that has a sweet and sour flavor. They can even find other chutneys such as caramelized onion chutney, sweet apple chutney, tomato garlic onion chutney, etc. 

Stock up on packed kimchi for good health

Kimchi, a traditional side dish, is considered a wonder food in Korea. A staple of Korean meals, it has found its way among people of other countries too. Those in Singapore who want to buy authentic Kimchi can buy from this seller. They can choose from kimchi cabbage, radish kimchi, gourmet kimchi, sliced kimchi and many other kinds of kimchi. The cabbage kimchi is made from the best kind of cabbages found. The cabbage kimchi has no preservatives added to it. Customers can even buy gourmet kimchi that is low in fat and is free from MSG, gluten, cholesterol, and trans-fats. This kimchi has long cabbage, along with sweet pears. So, buy it now and enjoy this superfood whenever you want. 

RedMart on Lazada has all popular brands of kimchi, pickles, and chutneys and sells the products at competitive rates too. In fact, we have a storewide price match guarantee in which customers who find the same product at a lower regular selling price are paid twice the difference in price by us. We deliver all over the island on all seven days of the week, between 7 AM and 10 PM. We give LiveUp members a discount of 5% on orders from the store and free delivery on orders that are more than SGD 40. We also give us customers a freshness guaranteed or money back facility when buying edibles, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat. Why wait any longer? Just order now!