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Get healthy flavored yogurt from RedMart and say hello to good health

If you have not tasted yogurt yet, you are missing something very tasty and healthy in life. When milk is fermented, you get yogurt. Yogurt is white and creamy in consistency and has a very pleasant and mild taste. If you are searching for a protein-rich vegetarian option, then you can consider this superfood. Lots of people also consume yogurt when they are on a diet since this has fewer carbohydrates. If you are not a fan of the regular yogurt, you can consider flavored yogurt. This is simply yogurt mixed in with different fruits, berries, and natural sweetener flavors. These flavors make your yogurt tastier and are perfect even for kids to consume.

If you are always experiencing mid-meal hunger pangs and resort to eating unhealthy junk food, do have a couple of packs of the flavored yoghurt with you. Eating a cup of this yogurt will keep you full and also leave you with very few calories. One of the most popular fruit people love to eat is mango. However, this is a seasonal fruit. You can enjoy the sweet taste of mangoes every day with mango yogurt cups and squeeze packs. Only the sweetest mangoes are chosen to make this yogurt. Every spoon of this wonder food will make your taste buds smile and your tummy cool. 

Treat your family to wholesome blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry yogurt

Berries are loved by adults and kids alike. Unlike most other fruits, these have lesser sugar content and hence, are safe for consumption by all. All berries come with a unique taste. If you love the sweet taste of raspberry, then you must buy the raspberry yogurt pack and give it a try. These packs are super sweet with the natural flavor of the red berry and are favorites among children. For people with a slightly different taste palate, the blueberry yogurt cup is a perfect snacking choice. You can taste the fresh blueberry flavor in each mouthful of the yogurt you take. 

Apart from these, one of the all-time favorites for people is the strawberry yogurt. Whatever be your preference, you can pick up all kinds of yogurt packs now from RedMart’s page on Lazada Singapore. We offer islandwide deliveries, all days of the week, right from 7 AM to 10 PM. You also get money back guarantee on the freshness of the product. We also have a storewide price match guarantee. Is another competitor giving out the same product sold by us at a lower regular selling price? We will immediately match that price for you and also offer to pay you twice the price difference. For all LiveUp members, we provide two extra benefits. They get a 5% rebate on all RedMart orders. They are also eligible for free doorstep delivery for all their orders that are valued above SGD 40.