Premier quality bananas now available on RedMart

Banana is one of the healthiest fruits available in the market. It has many health benefits that cannot be replaced. Eating a banana a day can lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of cancer and asthma. It is one of the most widely grown fruits in the world. Today, about 107 countries grow this wonder fruit. Being a rich source of potassium, it helps to maintain fluid levels in the body and also regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in the cells. It keeps the heart beating regularly and helps reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure. This magic fruit is known to cure kidney stone problems too. You should consume bananas regularly to lead a healthy life, but be sure of where you buy it from. In today’s age of adulteration, often fruits are induced with chemicals to make them look good and to ripen them. However, the most authentic source to get fresh bananas from is RedMart. 

Try out the organic banana here. This small-sized fruit is packed with all the nutrients and has no harmful chemicals or pesticides. You can pack in one or two of these pint-sized bananas on a daily basis for a healthy life. You can also make a good banana pack with them for the hair and skin. It will give natural moisturizing and conditioning to the skin and hair and make them look supple and hydrated. Give your children a healthy shake made of bananas and milk. This drink is not only tasty but also quite filling and healthy, as it possesses the benefits of both calcium-rich milk and potassium-rich banana. 

Befriend this healthy fruit and lead a wholesome life

Banana fruits are available in many sizes. You can pick up the regular sized ones or the small ones as per your choice. The nutrients are the same; just the texture and flavor varies slightly. For instance, the small-sized bananas have thin skin and are fragile when ripe. The golden-yellow flesh is sweet and honey-like versus the thick-skinned big-sized bananas. You also get under-ripe, green bananas, which are not as sweet as their yellow counterparts but are loaded with iron. 

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