Enjoy the summer with fresh and juicy melons from Redmart 

Summer is never complete without biting into juicy and sweet melons. Melons are a kind of fruit that grows in different parts of the world. They are very tasty, sweet and are also super nutritious. There are different kinds of melons that you can pick from too. Watermelon, for example, is one of the most popular melon varieties. These come in different sizes and the fully ripe fruit is full of sweet watery goodness that you can relish. This red fleshy fruit has about 92% water. This is a great option to hydrate your body if the summer is at its peak. It also has good amounts of vitamin A, C and B6, and other essential amino acids and antioxidants. 

All kinds of fresh melons are available for you to buy online now from Redmart. If watermelons do not grow locally near your place, it is not easy to find them in grocery stores and supermarkets around. Hence, buying fresh watermelon online is your easiest option. This makes for an awesome snack for your little ones too. You can cut these into small pieces and pack them in an airtight lunch box for school. If you are thinking of making fresh juices for your kids, think of this amazing red melon. Lots of people consume these watermelons for the benefits they provide to the heart. These reduce the risk of heart diseases and help you to control weight as well.

Make fresh desserts and juices for everyone at home with sweet melons 

Another amazing melon variety that you definitely have to try is the sweet melon. These are also called cantaloupe or muskmelon and have pale yellow flesh which is sweet and unique tasting. This fruit gives you so much of beta carotene and vitamin A. This is also a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin B-9 in these is known to fight some kinds of cancer. Just like a watermelon, these cantaloupes are 90% water, making them very hydrating and refreshing in summer. When you choose a ripe and soft melon fruit, you will love the taste of the same. Many people use these fresh melons to make desserts, fruit salads as well as shakes and smoothies.

Redmart on Lazada now makes it easy to place an order for different kinds of these melons. We have a freshness promise with a money back guarantee on all edibles. For fruits that are not delivered fresh, you can get a refund. Our delivery team works from 7 AM to 10 PM on all days of the week and delivers islandwide. Knowing about our price match guarantee will awe you further. Did you find an identical melon at a competitor store, at an even lower regular selling price? Inform us now and we will match that price for you. We will also pay you two times the price difference. LiveUp members also get free delivery on their orders that are worth more than SGD 40. Plus, these members get a 5% rebate on all their Redmart orders.