Choose the best quality avocado from RedMart for yourself and your family

The universally loved avocado is also called an “Alligator Pear”. The fruit’s green skin and pear-like shape was the reason it gained this popular nickname. Having originated in South Central Mexico, this fruit is actually a berry! It is loaded with good fat, unlike most other fruits that are rich in carbohydrates, and is a powerhouse of various health benefits. From being loaded with monosaturated fatty acids that are very good for the heart to having more potassium than a banana to helping lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and many others, avocado, as a fruit, has numerous benefits. If you are in Singapore and want to buy them, then place your order with RedMart today. 

We stock up on the best quality of avocadoes that are sourced from the most-known avocado cultivating regions of the world. If you want to buy an avocado and are looking for the most popular “Hass avocado”, then come to us. We have packs of three Hass avocadoes, with one avocado being ripe and ready-to-eat. The other two can be ripened at home. This packing ensures that your avocadoes do not become over-ripe by the time they reach you. Now, you can enjoy the taste of perfectly ripe avocadoes with minimum effort! We suggest consumers eat these within four days of delivery. But we are sure you will finish them sooner! 

Place your order for this wonder fruit online 

You do not have to visit the fruit market or the nearest supermarket to buy the best quality avocadoes. If you want to find avocado at the best price, log on to RedMart. Whether you want round ones or pear-shaped avocadoes, you will find them all with us. You can even take your pick from avocadoes with skin color that ranges from green to black and texture that ranges from dimpled to smooth. We also stock jumbo avocadoes that are creamy and luscious. All our avocadoes go through stringent quality checks and thus, our customers get only the best. So, whether you are waiting to have them as-is, or make a spread or a dip, or planning to add them to your salads and sandwiches, you are bound to love them for their taste.

Looking for avocado delivery in Singapore? Place your order on RedMart at Lazada Singapore. We guarantee you fresh products. Our freshness promise comes with a 100% money back policy when customers buy edibles, fruits, vegetables, meat, or seafood from us. We also have a storewide price match guarantee. In this, customers who find the same product at a lower regular selling price are given twice the difference in price by us! We provide delivery all over Singapore and on all seven days of the week too, between 7 AM and 10 PM. So, you can order an avocado pack online any time you like and get them delivered before your stock at home gets over. LiveUp members get 5% discount on RedMart products and are also eligible for free shipping when their order amount is more than SGD 40.