Make super tasty dishes at home with brinjals from Redmart 

Brinjal is a super tasty vegetable that is loaded with nutrients and goodness to keep your body healthy. You will be amazed to know that there are so many sizes, colors, and variants that this humble vegetable comes in. If you love Indian cuisine, there are so many dishes that you can make using this wonder vegetable. Indian brinjals are purple or dark blue in color. These are small or medium-sized and are perfect to enjoy as a dry curry or in gravies too. If you are on a diet, then this low-calorie vegetable should definitely be on your cooking list every week.

Brinjal is also called eggplant. This can be roasted, grilled, baked or deep fried. This simple veggie contains vitamin K and C and manganese and potassium too. One whole cup of this vegetable will leave you behind with only 20 calories. This has nil fat. Because of the high fiber content, you can also see a visible difference in your blood sugar levels when you consume this vegetable every day. While the larger varieties of this vegetable need to be cut and used, baby brinjal varieties can be added directly to dishes. These turn soft and mushy when cooked and can be eaten as such.

Start consuming more aubergine and see your excess fat shedding off

Baingan Bartha is a very tasty Indian curry recipe that uses baked or roasted large brinjal. You can pair this up with any kind of rice or flatbread. If you thought aubergine or eggplant can be used only in Indian food, you are wrong. One of the most loved international cuisines is the aubergine pasta pie. This is extremely tasty and very healthy too. If you are a soup lover, you should definitely try making the eggplant soup enriched with flavors of garlic. Round brinjals are often sliced and roasted using olive oil. These can be had as mid-meal snacks. If your family has not tried this wonder vegetable yet, do get a few varieties of these and make tasty and nutritious food at home.

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