Enjoy several health benefits with celery from Redmart

Celery is one of the healthiest veggies you can have. Enjoy their crispy and juicy nature and see how they can benefit your health. They have wide green leaves which are attached to thick and juicy stalks both of which are joined at a common end. Redmart on Lazada has some of the best organic celery in their stock. Being a low-energy vegetable, this vegetable is highly recommended for people who are currently on a diet. Being rich in antioxidants, the celery will protect your body against oxidative damage of blood vessels and organs. They also contain flavonoids, Vitamin C and beta carotene. They also serve as one of the best phytonutrients and they can reduce inflammation.

The Chinese celery available on this store is of oriental variety and its stalks are thin, hollow and succulent. Unlike the continental variety of celeries, the Chinese ones have a much more intense flavor. Salad preparations with celery are very common and healthy too. The store has fresh celery readily available for you. Arthritis and osteoporosis are two conditions whose one of the most common symptoms is inflammation but with regular consumption of celery in your diet, you can get rid of that. This is because celery has a total of 25 anti-inflammatory compounds. Celery is often used as a common herb in dishes to add an exotic flavor. It is one of the most common ingredients used in Asian cuisine and leaves an aftertaste of wild garlic. 

Relish juicy celeries picked from the best farms

The celery available on this store has a price range that can be afforded by everyone. The herb is known to give full-proof protection to your digestive tract. The herb contains several pectin-based polysaccharides which are known to cure stomach ulcer. Moreover, they also have the ability to modulate your stomach secretions. You can garnish your roasted chicken with some celery and the flavors will be instantly enhanced. Celery can also be used to make some tasty soups. Celery is also known to have a low glycemic index which means that your blood sugar levels will not be affected. You will get fresh and crisp leaves of celery on this store which will be sent to you in a properly packed condition that will not hamper its taste.

You can buy celery from Redmart on Lazada and your life will become easier because we will make sourcing fresh vegetables a hassle-free experience. Our store promises to deliver your product at your doorstep no matter where you live on the island between 7 am and 10 pm. Our service is open on all days of the week. We promise to give you the lowest price of a product through our amazing price matching feature. Is our competitor giving you a lower regular selling price on an identical product? We will also pay you double the difference when you let us know. Moreover, being a Lazada LiveUp member, you will not have to pay for delivery when your order value goes beyond SGD40.00. You will also be enjoying the benefit of an extra discount of 5% on every order. We also offer money back guarantee on the freshness of our products.