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Enjoy a burst of tastes with vegetarian seafood options from RedMart 

There are people who are born into a vegetarian family and abstain from eating any kind of meat. And then there are other groups of people who change into vegetarians for health needs or for changes in belief systems. Whatever the reason for you to prefer plant ingredients over meat, if there is an urge to taste delicious food made with meat or seafood, there is now a chance to do so without consuming actual meat. Vegetarian seafood is a category of food made using veg ingredients without the addition of sea meat. These look and taste exactly like seafood and can be enjoyed without any guilt.

There are many such veg meat options available for you to buy and use on RedMart. Meatballs are a traditional non-vegetarian delicacy. This is made of ground meat mixed with other ingredients and is fried and added to curries and gravies. If you really want a taste of authentic meatball without having meat, buy the meatless meatballs. They taste exactly like meat but are made with vegetarian ingredients, herbs, and spices. Vegetarian meatballs can also be prepared at home with tempeh when you want to take a temporary break from consuming meat. It will be very hard to tell the difference between the vegetarian version and the actual meatballs.

Make tasty burgers at home with vegan patties

Burgers are a popular delicacy in all parts of the world. If you are planning to host a party that includes vegans and vegetarians, do not miss to buy vegan hamburger patties. These are made with vegan ingredients, but look and taste like ham patties. You can add this to burgers, mix in your favorite dressing, and make a great burger. Similarly, if you are looking to use ground beef, but have vegetarians to serve, you can pick the beefless ground mix, which is gluten-free and very low in calories. This can substitute your beef in any recipe that you want to try out. 

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