Enjoy food with low calories by choosing vegetarian meat from RedMart 

Are you thinking of reducing the number of times you eat meat in a week? Do you want to add more vegetables and other plant sources to your plate? If you are constantly tempted by the taste of meat-filled food and are unable to make a healthier change, do try vegetarian meat. As the name mentions, this is meat that is created from vegetarian sources. In fact, food technology experts are taking a lot of efforts in reproducing the look and taste of meat in these veg options. You can cook your food with these ingredients just like you would with meat. 

You can buy vegetarian meat online now from RedMart. You will be stunned at the different varieties offered here that are replicas of actual meat. You can pick from vegetarian fishes, prawns, fillets, ground beef, meatballs, etc. that look and taste so authentic. Apart from vegetarians, there are also vegans who do not consume any product that comes from animals. There are so many kinds of vegan meat available too. When you buy, make sure you check for the vegan tag. Are you a prawn lover, but are worried about how expensive your every meal may get? Affordable vegan prawns in all sizes are available on this online store. These are made of konjac and other natural veg sources. 

Have scrumptious and hassle-free vegetarian meals every day at home 

Imagine inviting friends over for a seafood party. If there are both seafood lovers and vegetarians in the group, it will be difficult to make two completely different meals. Instead, you can use vegan fish packs to make delicious fish curry and serve it with rice. Most of these vegetarian alternates use soya to make their fish base. This makes the food equally healthy as soya is a rich source of protein. Fish fillets are also available in veg forms. You can grill, bake, or even deep fry them. If you are a family of meat lovers and dread at the aspect of eating vegetables, go for these veg meats to make your meatless meals tasty and healthy at the same time. Moreover, abstaining from meat once in a while is good to detox your body.

You can place an order for these veg sources of meat and vegetarian seafood online now from RedMart on Lazada Singapore. You can expect the lowest prices on our page. Is another seller giving out the same product that we sell at an even lower regular selling price? Let us know and we will match that price for you immediately. We will also pay you twice the difference. Our freshness promise is backed by a money back guarantee. We deliver all across the island on all seven days of the week between 7 AM to 10 PM. For LiveUp members, we give free delivery on orders that value more than SGD 40. Members also get a 5% rebate on all RedMart products.