RedMart gives you Perilla leaves to transform your diet

For all of you who have been trying to change your diet to include healthier food, there is one thing you should know about and should not miss out on! This herb is packed with so many benefits that you will be missing out on a great source of goodness if you do not get these. Perilla leaves are what we are talking about. Originating from Japan, these leaves are a staple there. It is gaining more popularity across the world because of the benefits it offers. For instance, one type of this herb, the green perilla, is spicy, tastes like cinnamon, and has been known to maintain dental health effectively by fighting off harmful organisms, thereby preventing oral cavities and related problems. It is also a great source of antioxidants. These help to fight aging by dealing with free radicals and promoting a healthier heart. 

If you have ever visited an authentic Japanese restaurant and had a soup or some noodles there, you are definitely aware of shiso. The shiso leaf is known for its medicinal properties which helps to quickly fight allergies and inflammations owing to its content of rosmarinic acid. This leaf is often added with sashimi to prevent food poisoning. So, do you get an idea of the power of this herb? If you are confused as to where to buy the freshest shiso leaves from, RedMart is the perfect answer.

Herbs that are high on nutrition and offer amazing benefits

Now that you know these leaves are healthy, you must learn how to use them in different recipes. Different parts of the perilla plant can be used for different purposes. Consider the shiso perilla. It has a pungent flavor and goes very well as garnishing over a bowl of mixed green salad. Else, you can use it as a leaf wrap to make barbequed meat. Another common way is to brew tea with the leaves. You can also fry these calcium and iron-rich leaves and use it to garnish dishes or cook it with rice for flavor. Shiso oil is very popular as it is a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. 

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