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Clean clothes gently yet effectively with the best laundry care products from RedMart

Your clothes require the same kind of treatment your skin does – gentle cleaning. This will make sure that they last longer and will maintain their quality for a longer period of time. With the laundry care products available on RedMart that are thoughtfully put together keeping the best interests of your favorite clothes in mind, you can now ensure that you will feel good every time you put on your newly washed clothes. Not only will you find the best brands and products here, but you will also be able to purchase them on irresistibly discounted rates! Now get clothes that are as good as new every time you take them out of the laundry. Depending on your use and your preference, you can choose between different laundry detergents. 

Some come in solid or powdered form while others are available in liquid form. Both of them help in effectively removing stains from your laundry and give you clean and fresh-smelling clothes. Liquid laundry detergents can be more effective in removing ground-in dirt. You can also choose detergents offering a wide range of fragrances, so you can smell like your favorite smell! You will not even need perfume! Some of them come with an anti-bacterial property so that your clothes will be free of not just dirt, but disease-causing germs as well. Use a detergent bar soap for clothes that need hand washing so that you can easily apply soap all over your clothes for effective cleaning.

Quality products for all types of clothes

Some of your clothes, especially your innerwear and the ones requiring delicate care ask for gentler cleaning products. You can choose different detergents for such purposes. These products will also prevent bleeding and help protect the color of your clothes. If you are someone with easily irritable skin, go for laundry detergent for sensitive skin. It ensures that your clothes are clean, and also that it does not leave behind any residue that can irritate your skin. The best laundry detergent will make sure that the cleaning is effective, no residues are left behind, there is no color bleeding, and that your clothes come out of the laundry as good as new.

You can easily buy the best detergent for clothes from Redmart on Lazada. This shop ensures that you get the lowest prices here by offering a price-match guaranty. Has another store offered you an identical product of the same brand, type, etc., at a lower regular selling price? We will pay you twice the difference! LiveUp members can enjoy free delivery for orders that are above SGD40.00, along with a 5% rebate on every Redmart order. Our delivery services operate throughout the island, all 7 days of the week, from 7 AM to 10 PM. Why waste time on going out to shop when you can easily shop online at discounted rates and spend your saved time on other important things?