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Maintain spotless clothes with washing liquid from RedMart

Cleaning laundry is an everyday chore that cannot be taken lightly. No one wants to be seen in dirty clothes. People wearing clean and fresh clothes attract others like a magnet while those wearing dirty and soiled clothes, no matter how costly, repel others. As such, people use various cleaning products – soaps, powders, and liquids – to clean their clothes. Among the different kinds of cleaning solutions, washing liquid is the most popular as it is more convenient to use and is gentle on your clothes too. If you are in Singapore and are looking to switch to a new brand of detergent or want to buy your trusted one without going to the supermarket, just visit RedMart. We stock up on all kinds of liquid laundry detergent, so take your pick.

Want a liquid detergent that is antibacterial? Well, we have just what you need. You can choose the anti-bacterial laundry detergent that is known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. It is even enriched with an anti-dust mite formula. What more could you ask for! If you are looking to buy a laundry detergent that has color care property, you can find that too. The gel detergent gently cleans your clothes while simultaneously taking care of the colorfastness. No more faded clothes when using hard detergents! You can choose a top or front load cleaning detergent according to your preference and clean your laundry without too much trouble.

Clean your clothes effortlessly with the right washing detergent

Cleaning laundry does not have to be a huge task. Select your cleaning products wisely and make this task as easy as a child’s play. You can choose two-in-one products such as detergent cum softener. This will help you to avoid using separate washing detergents and softeners when you have a product that combines the benefit of both of these. On one hand, the cleaning action removes tough stains, even from stubborn spots such as cuffs and collars. On the other hand, the fabric softener leaves a lingering floral fragrance that lasts long. Buy a bottle of this the first time and then buy refill packs for ensuring value for money. You can even buy low suds laundry detergent online and protect your front load washing machine, while not compromising on the cleanliness of your clothes.

Buy any of the above-mentioned liquid washing detergents or choose from others at RedMart on Lazada. We have an ongoing store-wide price match guarantee for our customers. Any customer who finds the exact product at a lower price with a competitor will get twice the difference in price from us. So, start your search and try to make the most of this offer! We offer deliveries all over the island, between 7 AM to 10 PM throughout the week. LiveUp members get free delivery on RedMart orders of more than SGD 40 and even get an extra 5% rebate on all orders placed here.