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Use kitchen rolls from Redmart for neat and clean cooking sessions 

Messy kitchens can dampen the spirit of even the most passionate chefs! When your kitchen is organized and clean, it is not only functional and welcoming, but also safe. For instance, water or gravy spills can make your countertop dirty and unattractive and your floor dangerous. This is why you should pick up some good quality kitchen rolls from Redmart and clean up messes the instant they happen. These rolls are made of strong fiber and they are super absorbent, whether you need to wipe the water, soup or curry spills, or crumbs. The best kitchen towels are crafted from sustainable sources and are eco-friendly. They can be used to get rid of grease or oil stains as well. 

Most kitchen tissues can not only be used to clean up dirty countertops, but you can also use these to clean the tiles on your backsplash as they are often subjected to sudden splashes from pots and pans. Moreover, the daily cooking sessions can create a film of oil or grease on these tiles and make them unsightly. Luckily, all you have to do is wipe hard with kitchen paper roll and then clean up with some damp tissues. The rolls come in packs of different sizes so that you can pick up one based on your needs. These also come in handy for cleaning up after your baby or pet. You can choose tissues that are extra absorbent and hygienic for this purpose. 

Every home needs kitchen rolls for a healthy environment 

Premium kitchen paper towels are made of 100% pulp and they look aesthetic as well. So, when you have guests over, you can hand these out when they are enjoying a casual drink with some nibbles. These towels are extremely effective in cleaning up wine spills or dry crumbs from chips and cookies. Kitchen tissue rolls come in 2-ply and 3-ply variants mostly, and you can use them to wipe furniture, glass surfaces, and even cutlery and crockery. Also, consider buying cloth-like wipes which are very hygienic and soft, and each sheet is so absorbent that it can be used up to 4 times. These can be washed and reused too, just like common cloth.   

Now, all you need to do is see what Redmart has to offer on Lazada when it comes to kitchen rolls. We deliver these all over the island on all days of the week, from 7 am to 10 pm. You can also expect the best prices from us, with our price match guarantee. Are you getting a lower regular selling price on an identical product with a competitor? Tell us now and we will compensate you with two times the difference. Plus, we offer a 5% rebate on each order to Lazada LiveUp members. They can also enjoy free delivery on purchases that are worth more than SGD 40. Shopping online to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling just became super easy.