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Cook the best meals with poultry meat from Redmart

Raised with no antibiotics or steroids, the poultry meat available at Redmart on Lazada is sourced from the best places. It is all natural and the pieces are very juicy and tender. If you are planning to cook from scratch, then chicken meat can be your best option. These meats are perfect for roasting and grilling. You will also get boneless chicken breasts which can be used in a variety of recipes that appeal to children as well. You can also use them in stews that are not only healthy but also a rich source of protein. You can serve these boneless chicken breasts in BBQ sauce to add a delicious flavor.

The fresh chicken available on this store is perfect for a weeknight dinner. It will not take you much time to cook as there are tons of simple yet tasty recipes available for chicken. With each serving, you will get approximately 23 grams of protein and no fat at all. This makes it one of the healthiest food items that you can have. The fresh chicken available online on this store comes from chickens that are hatched and raised in a cage-free manner. You can make chicken fried steak with these chicken pieces as well. The nutritional benefit delivered by chicken is unmatched by any other type of meat. The store also has a whole chicken that will be fit for consumption even after 2 days of delivery, so you do not have to cook the entire meat in one day.

Prepare nutrition-packed tasty meals with chicken

If fresh chicken breast is what you are looking for, then this store has the best options for you. The chicken will be delivered to you in a vacuum-sealed condition to maintain the freshness. Moreover, the packing will be leak-proof in order to maintain convenience and hygiene. You will also get fresh chicken drumsticks from this store. You can coat them with some panko bread crumbs, add the necessary seasoning and then bake them to enjoy some crispy fried chicken. They will also be one of the best starters to serve at a party. You can serve them with dips to enhance the flavor. You will also get minced chicken which you can use for lasagna.

So, from Redmart on Lazada, you can buy chicken online without taking the hassle of going out. We will deliver the product at your house no matter where you live on the island. Our service is running from 7 am to 10 pm every day and we also promise to give our customers the lowest price with the help of our price matching feature. Are you getting the same product at a lower regular selling price somewhere else? Tell us today and we will pay you double the difference. The products will be delivered to you in a completely fresh condition and you will get your money back for any stale products. Being a Lazada LiveUp member will earn you an additional 5% rebate on every order you place. When your order value crosses the threshold of SGD40.00, we will give you completely free delivery on that order.