Indulge in a protein-rich, low carb diet with fresh roe and caviar from Redmart

If you are trying to lose weight and at the same time, want to improve your health when recovering from an illness, you must have been advised by the doctor to increase your fish intake. Fish, indeed, is beneficial for your health in a number of different ways. That is why it is as recommended for pregnant women as for children. And if you want to make it even tastier and healthier, you should start eating roe and caviar. With Redmart at your service, getting fish roe is no longer a challenge. You can get the items in a fresh, canned form, ready to be cooked and consumed with meals. The variety at the store can make you spoilt for choice. 

It is important that you first understand what the food item is all about. Roe is basically the term used to define female fish eggs. They can come from a variety of fishes and depending on the type of the fish it comes from, the size, texture, taste, value, and color vary. The nutritional value of salmon roe, for instance, is considered to be very high. Caviar, on the other hand, is the salt-cured roe of certain kinds of fishes. In the US, it is an exclusive delicacy, made from the eggs of the sturgeon fish. Like roe, caviar can also be different based on the different types of sturgeon that include beluga, sevruga, osetra, and the caviar Siberian.

Savor the different types of roe and caviar with your daily meals

Both caviar and roe are extremely nutritious and tasty. You can add a certain portion of these in your daily meals or make delicacies out of the trout roe. When you serve caviar, just make sure that the spoon you use is not made of metal because that adds a metallic taste to the delicate flavor of the food. You can add a bit of roe on top of small pancakes, toast or even cucumber with a dollop of crème fraise. Fish eggs are also widely used for garnishing dishes served in many restaurants. Whether you are looking for the lumpfish roe or the roe of an even more unconventional fish, you can find it easily online now.

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