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With so many brands offering a ton of choices, it is always hard to pick the right one for your purpose. When it comes to a sanitary napkin, women always tend to be very particular as what suits one may not suit another. Also, the brands and the manufacturers spoil you for choice as there are many features that they provide in the sanitary pads. For instance, many women find it extremely frustrating as the sanitary pads cause rashes, redness or itching and this may be due to the material that is used in making the pads. Such women typically prefer using pads that feature a soft cotton layer on the top which can prevent such reactions. 

Menstrual pads come in a range of sizes and shapes. This is so that women of different sizes can pick the right pad for their body structure. Also, many women would like to have a choice in picking pads that suit the flow. So, on days that they experience a heavier flow, they would like pads that can support while preventing leakage. Feminine pads also feature wings so the pads can adhere to the panty well. Women find that they are more confident when they wear pads with wings. Apart from feeling comfortable and safe, they feel assured that any leakage will be prevented adequately. So, go ahead and explore the different kinds of pads available online on Redmart.

Enjoy the comforts of using the ultra-thin versions of the pads

There are many sanitary pads and brands that feature ultra-thin versions. This means that you can tackle your menstrual cycle with the confidence of a normal day. Moreover, the technology has been perfected to such an extent that the thinness of the product does not compromise the efficacy or quality of the product. So, these pads for women provide the best protection no matter what journey you are embarking on. It does not matter how physical the activity is, with these kinds of pads, you are certain to conquer everything without the slightest hitch. Another important aspect is that with quite a few sellers available, the prices of these pads are reasonable making them affordable for everyone. 

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of your lives and there are many products you need to maintain good hygiene. Making sure you get the best sanitary napkins at the most affordable prices, Redmart on Lazada offers a price match guarantee. Have you been offered a lower regular-selling price on an identical product by a competitor? Bring the information to us and we will reimburse to your twice the difference in cost without any questions. Also, don’t worry about bringing the products home as we provide islandwide delivery, 7 days of the week, between 7 am and 10 pm. Lazada LiveUp members can enjoy a 5% discount on every Redmart order. Further, when the order value exceeds SGD 40.00, they get free delivery.