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Traditional medicines have been popular among all cultures. From the Indian Ayurveda to the traditional Chinese and Korean medicines to Unani and others – countries across the world have been relying on tried and tested medicines that claim to maintain health and cure diseases. In Singapore too, though the health services are based on allopathic medicines, people often resort to traditional medicines to treat ailments. The traditional Chinese medicine is highly popular here. This is followed by traditional Indian medicines as well as Malay medicines. So, if you are in this city and are looking to buy traditional medicinals that do not need a prescription, visit RedMart and place your order for them. 

Every Singaporean must have grown up listening to the numerous benefits of the herbal medicine named Essence of Chicken. This is said to be a highly potent health supplement that combats mental fatigue, regulates blood sugar, supports brain development in kids, and improves lactation. Available in tonic form, it is made from the finest selected chicken. It also does not contain any preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavors. As it also comes in gift sets, you can gift these herbal supplements to your near and dear ones. You can choose from different varieties of chicken essence, such as chicken essence with Cordyceps and American ginseng, chicken essence with Vitamin B6 for kids, and so on. 

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Traditional Chinese herbal products such as edible bird’s nest have been popular since decades in the region. Believed to speed up recovery, it is among the prized natural herbs that help in promoting your health. This seller too stocks up on bird’s nest drinks that are made from real bird’s nest. Leading brands have it in a reduced sugar version as well as with rock salt. Their quality is verified by FTIR and they have no added preservatives. Customers can also buy the Essence of Fish that is said to be a nutritious health supplement. It improves energy, mental ability, and strength, and is quite high in demand in Singapore. You can also find other traditional medicines such as shark bone with eucommia soup, prune essence, and others. 

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