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Keep your little one safe and sound with insect repellants from Redmart 

Your baby needs more than just the right kind of food, adorable clothes, and fun toys, to grow up happily. As a parent, you need to be cautious about diseases, and keep your little one safe from insects or toxic bugs. The good news is that, Redmart now brings you insect repellants which can be used not only at home but on trips as well. These are perfectly safe to use and strictly tested for effectiveness. Some of the best bug repellants are made with natural ingredients like Irish moss, aloe vera, yucca, lemongrass, and cedar, to keep fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes at bay. They contain essential oils and are gentle on your baby’s skin. The ingredients cause no harm to pets or the environment and are free from DEET.  

Mosquito repellants enriched with oils of citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus not only repel mosquitoes for up to 4 hours, but they also have a nourishing effect. These liquid sprays can be applied on exposed body parts as well as clothing, but should not be sprayed directly on the face. Take care so that these don’t enter the child’s eyes or mouth. Avoid spraying on cuts or skin irritations too. Such mosquito repellants for babies also fight against wasps, lice and honey bees. They have a mild and pleasing scent, don’t leave behind any sticky residue and are free from alcohol as well. Always remember to keep the bottle away from your child’s reach as they might accidentally ingest it.   

Pick from insect sprays, patches, lotions and more

When it comes to choosing a baby insect repellant, you will find many options on Redmart. For instance, the anti-dust mite spray is made with essential oils of orange, whitewood, and lavender and effectively gets rid of mites, mosquitoes, fungi, and bacteria. It creates a healthy and aromatic atmosphere which helps your child to sleep. You will get safety clip-on fans with ultrasonic mosquito repellents too. These come in fun and colorful shapes. The organic mosquito repellant lotion is also easy to apply and is enriched with lavender, andiroba, and geranium oils. It is quickly absorbed by the skin too. Anti-mosquito patches are also a great buy, can be used anytime, and can be stuck on clothes, bags, and even furniture.    

So, whether you are looking to buy mosquito sprays and lotions or bug repellants and patches, Redmart has it all for you on Lazada. You can save a lot of money too, with our price match guarantee. Is a competitor store offering a lower regular-selling price on an identical item? Let us know and we will pay you double the difference to compensate. You can look forward to islandwide delivery from 7 am to 10 pm, on all days of the week. We have more benefits in store for Lazada LiveUp members! They can get a 5% off on every order and free delivery on orders that exceed SGD 40.