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Ensure your children sleep fear-free with night lights from RedMart 

One of the most important yet often under-rated accessories for your child’s room or nursery is a night light. If your child is trained to fall asleep in his or her own crib or bed in the nursery, a very dark room can actually prevent him/her from sleeping peacefully. As babies grow and start understanding their surroundings, a dark room can cause them to get fearful. Having a dim light in the room will soothe them better. If you walk into the nursery to feed the child or to have a look around, the light helps you walk freely without worrying about hitting furniture or tripping on stray toys.

You can now buy night lights easily in Singapore from the online store of RedMart. As babies near their first birthday, separation anxiety is a factor you have to deal with. Kids refuse to stay alone or away from their arms. Leaving the child to learn to sleep in a pitch dark room can make the kid cry and get cranky. Always leave a baby night light on in the room. This will neither be too bright to wake up the kid nor too dim to cause anxiety issues in the little ones. These lights are also available in different colored LEDs. Some of the lights switch on automatically when the room gets dark. Others emit a warm glow that keeps the room cozy in winters.

Pick lights that create the right ambiance for a peaceful night

There are many reputed brands that add a lot of extra features to children’s night lights. These come with nature-based sounds and soothing lullabies that play while the child goes to sleep. The music can help the baby fall asleep faster. When you pick models that come with a sound sensor, as the baby wakes up and starts crying, the music starts playing again. For kids who love attractive things in their room, nursery night lights in different shapes like a butterfly or a mushroom are available. These come with easy to access on/off buttons that your kid can operate. You can also carry them with you when you take a vacation. 

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