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Cleaning your small pets’ habitat

Having a clean hygienic habitat for your pet is crucial for their well-being and good health. There are varieties of supplies that help with pet cage sanitization as well as odor removal. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet’s home is clean and its hygiene regularly maintained. You can use a variety of deodorizing sprays specially formulated to control pet odor to help clean your pets’ cages and toys. You can also use animal wipes, which make your cleaning easier and quick. Since your pets cannot leave the cages at free will to relieve themselves, you can use sprays to help neutralize pet odor within their habitats.

Some cleansing solutions have natural enzymes and botanicals that help to break down pet waste, making your small pets’ habitat safe and clean. Some deodorizers and sprays are administered together with your pets’ food or water to help control strong pet odors. Most of the pets cleaning agents are specially formulated to be nontoxic while offering effective pet care, helping to keep your pet happy and healthy. Remember having the right diet, clean habitat, safe toys, fresh food and water for your pet is important for your small animal’s health. The frequency of cleaning your animal’s habitat depends on the size of the cage and number of pets living within the cage. A dirty cage causes ammonia build up from urine, which may cause your pet to have respiratory problems.

Clean daily or weekly to ensure the hygiene of your pets

Most pet lovers like having that colorful pet birdcage for their bird. However, the birdcage will cease remaining colorful if it is covered in bird excrete. It is important to clean your pets’ home while they are awake. You can restrict the pet in another box or a given room allowing it to roam freely. Cleaning tasks should be carried out daily or weekly to ensure your pets’ hygiene is maintained. Cleaning prevents the growth of mildew in damp areas of the cages for instance in your luxury hamster cage making it safe. Clean your pet’s habitat daily by cleaning your pet's dish and bottle and refilling with fresh food and water. Remove all uneaten soiled food and replace with clean and fresh food. Remove and wipe off any pet droppings while being careful not to inhale the dust from the droppings.

Thorough clean the cage once a week by washing the bottom and sides as well as accessories of the cage using mild soap solution. Wipe or dry the cage before replacing any dry litter or shavings in the cage as well as other accessories. Return the pet to its home and secure the door for your pets’ safety. Buy small pet habitat accessories online from the Lazada website to access free shipping and delivery to your home at no extra charge. Lazada offers secure online payment portals enabling you to make small pet habitat orders conveniently within Singapore. Moreover, you have access to a free returns policy for all your online buys.