Easy access to sauces and spices with spice tools from Redmart 

Sauces, spices, and seasonings are a must have, when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Whatever food you choose, adding some extra sauce or spice will enhance the flavor and make the food more appetizing. There are literally hundreds of these seasoning agents available to choose from. When it comes to sauces, you can pick from regular tomato ketchup, soy sauce, chilly sauce, bbq sauce, and other sweet and sour sauces. Dips are another category all together. If every member in your family like different kinds of sauces, then you should definitely invest in spice tools. These are containers that make storing and serving spices and sauces easy.

There are so many handy and cute mini sauce bottles available on Redmart now. You can store different sauces in each of these bottles and put them over the dining table. People can choose the sauce they prefer and help themselves. A sauce container should have a pout that is easy to pour through. Since most of these sauces are semisolid and thick, the pout has to allow easy flow without any hindrance. For this, you should be picking good brands of tools and containers. There are many materials these bottles come in. Many people prefer glass sauce bottles because they are environmentally friendly, safe on the food stored and do not change the color or smell of the sauce.

Enjoy a variety of cuisines at home with tasty sauces 

Hot sauces, as the name implies, are very hot to eat. In fact, touching these sauces with your fingers can instantly cause your skin to feel the burn of the chilies and peppers added. Always use mini hot sauce bottles to store such strong sauce mixes. This will help you use the same without having to touch it. Hot sauces are also pungent to smell and can cause watery eyes. Storing them in airtight, protected containers is always safe. When you have a sauce bottle with a pout that can be locked, you can even carry these with you wherever you travel to. If you love your sauces and never want to stay away from them irrespective of where you eat, these sauce containers need to be bought and used.

You can find your favorite sauce containers and tools online with Redmart on Lazada now. We deliver all over the island, between 7 AM and 10 PM, on all days of the week. Did you manage to find an exactly identical bottle or container of sauce at a lower regular selling price elsewhere? You should tell us about it. We will match that price for you and pay you twice the price difference too. Plus, all our sauces are delivered fresh or you get your money back. For all LiveUp members, we offer an additional benefit of free delivery on orders that are above SGD 40. These members can also enjoy a 5% rebate on all their Redmart orders.