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Make adhesive tape from Redmart a part of your stationery kit

Stationery kits are essential in every home. Apart from the usual pens and the folders, you need a good adhesive tape. Such tapes are great to have around when you need to pack gifts. Apart from this, odd repairs and crafting projects are a lot easier when you have glue or tape lying around. To make your life easier, buy a tape dispenser. This dispenser is extremely helpful as you are able to use the tape using a single hand. You can wrap a gift wonderfully and effortlessly with such a simple device. You can save time as well as it becomes easy to wrap the gift single-handedly.

Masking tape is also an exceptional thing to have in your tool kit. Such a tape can be effective when you would like to paint your walls on your own. If you are painting your walls, ensure that you mask your electronics and important artifacts on the wall. After you are done painting your wall, you can remove the tape to reveal a clean finish. On the other hand, create an interesting pattern on the walls with masking tape. Paint the wall in a contrasting shade and when you remove the tape you will have a unique accent wall. Packing tape is always handy. There are so many things you can do apart from packing up boxes. Holding a few pieces of wood together as you wait for them to stick overnight is one such example. 

Scotch tape can be used quite creatively around your home

Scotch tape is a wonderful thing to have in your kit. Apart from the basic functions, you will find that this is quite helpful all around the home. If you are traveling, make sure you carry a scotch tape in your bag. This can function as a wonderful lint remover when you need to clean your clothes out in a rush. Similarly, one can never imagine that you can get your keyboard looking spick and span with just a small piece of scotch tape. Also, consider the fact that you have to step out in a few minutes and you realize your hem is giving away. Use double-sided tape to fix it, at least until you can get to tailor!

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