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Stay away from harmful UVA and UVB rays with sun protection products on Redmart 

The sun helps every living organism to survive and flourish in the world. The harmful radiations from the sun were being prevented from affecting mankind by this layer called ozone in the atmosphere. Because of the increase in the level of pollution, the ozone layer is slowly getting depleted. This has resulted in UV rays affecting people all over the world. UV rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC in type. While UVC does not cause any harm, UVA rays cause deep skin damage and UVB rays cause skin burns and increased chances of premature aging of the skin. Using the right sun protection products is the only way to stay safe.

There are so many variants of sunscreens available on Redmart. There are two factors you should be checking before buying sunscreen. The SPF level is also called the Sun Protection Factor level. The higher this number, the more protection you get. If you have very sensitive skin or if you are planning to spend the whole day out, choose products with higher SPF. The PA value means Protection Grade of the UVA rays. This talks about how mild or how intensive the protection is from the product. When you pick the best sunblock creams, you can roam outside in the sun happily without worrying about any permanent damage to your skin.

Pick the right sunblock and use it all through the year for complete protection

People assume that sunblock is needed only during summers. They cannot be more wrong. Though you do not feel the heat of the sun during other seasons, it does not mean that you are not exposed to UV rays. For complete protection, you should be using the protection cream or gel all days of the year. There are non-comedogenic sun creams available that do not clog up the pores of your skin. These are perfect for people with an oily skin tone. There are people who want to tan their skin naturally during summers. For such people, the use of tanning oil can be important. These oils attract UV rays and make your skin a few shades darker very quickly. These oils come with low levels of SPF and give you a sun-kissed skin tone.

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