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Keep your paw friends entertained and happy with pet toys 

Pets are also like kids in the house. They need to be looked after and pampered just like children. They have the same needs and wants. A pet-friendly home would always want its pets to have all the luxuries and comforts. Some of the pet-happy things include chewsticks to nibble on and pet toys to play with. They can play hours on end with toys. This keeps them active, alert, and busy in a constructive manner. Else, quite often it is seen that pets nibble on furniture or shoes. If you get them proper toys, they are kept busy and entertained at the same time. 

However, always ensure that the toys you get are made out of good quality material, and they should be tough so that the pet does not swallow them up. Dogs toys are different from cats. Their toys are bigger and harder. You can get your dog a nice big ball with bells inside so that they will be attracted by the sound as well as the rolling action of the ball. You could also get him a treat ball, in which you can put his favorite treat. This will keep him busy and amused for long. Dogs also like rope toys for chewing and tugging. It keeps them playful and contributes to the development of pet teeth and gums, and at the same time, it cleans the dirt in the teeth. 

Amuse your pets with fun toys

Cat toys are slightly smaller and different. Cats are usually taken in by bright light or fast movement. You can get them some rotating toys that are attached with a string. They will be amused by them for hours. While buying any toy, always look out for toys that alleviate boredom, prevent anxiety, and help in keeping weight under check. Get toys that are made out of high-strength engineering PVC plastics, and are tear-resistant without any sharp edges. Beware that the toys are not made of toxic material. Keep a variety of toys and give them to play only for a short while so that they don’t get bored with these. Playing with these toys is not only a fun activity for your pet, but it also creates a bond between you and your furball.

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