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Most men have short hair and are told that the type of hair products they use are not that important as long as the hair is kept clean. This could not be more false. All the different ranges of men’s shampoos and conditioners are testimonials to this. However, the more the number of choices, the greater the confusion regarding the choice of products. So how do we go about it? Before that, let us take a quick trip through what most of us already know.

Hair shampoos are primarily meant for cleansing the hair of dirt, dust, and other harmful radicals so that we are left with cleaner and shinier hair. However, lathering your hair with shampoo and then washing it off tends to open up the hair cuticles, leaving your hair more vulnerable to damage. This is where hair conditioners come into play. These products help to close the cuticles and smoothen out your hair so as to make it less frizzy and less vulnerable to damage. Colored hair specifically requires more conditioning than normal hair. This is the reason why you must buy men’s shampoos and conditioners.

How to go about choosing the product for your specific use

The first and main thing to keep in mind while choosing a shampoo for men is the specific problem that you want to target. Choose one for normal hair if all you are looking for is gentle cleansing without stripping off the natural oils from your scalp. If you have oily hair, choose a shampoo so that it washes away the excessive oil. This should not be used by men with normal hair because it will wash away the natural oils in your hair, leaving it very dry and prone to damage. Moisturizing shampoos are for dry hair that will add moisture to your hair. Use anti-dandruff shampoos to fight dandruff and the itchiness associated with it. Thickening shampoos have glycerin, which makes your hair look thicker by lifting hair cuticles and retaining water. Clarifying shampoos should be used to wash off excess hair styling products and accumulated chemicals. These contain acid to carry out the purpose. Choosing a conditioner for men is again based on the requirement. Moisturizing conditioners hydrate your hair other than the normal function of smoothening out hair strands. Thickening conditioners add volume, whereas leave-in conditioners are not washed off and provide nourishment throughout the day.

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