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Get ageless skin with world class Red wines

Studies have shown that a moderate consumption of Red wine lowers the risk of several ailments, including heart disease. These red wines can help in reducing your waistline or even encourage a longer life. Therefore, a glass of red wine a day could quite helpfully keep the doctor away. Additionally, these red wines due to their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, fights acne and prevent future breakouts. The habit of drinking moderate red wines can help to promote a longer life. The color of these high quality red wines come from the grape skin that has antioxidant properties. They prevent ageing of skin as these red wines are full of antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol and tannin that helps to fight ageing by reinstating collagen and elastic fibers. The polyphenols of red wines help transform a dull complexion and give you the glow you have always wanted. Red wines are the least in calories and keeps your heart healthy and counter the effect of free radicals in your system. Red wines also raise the high-density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol which is good cholesterol that your body needs. The resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, present in red wine protects against cell damage and Alzheimer’s disease.

Red wines have less natural sugar and are more bone friendly. You can now obtain these reasonably priced red wines in Singapore online just by clicking the mouse on the Lazada website. You can also choose from many payment options and you can trust the payment gateway as it is secured.

Drink soft and well-balanced wine with sweet fruit notes

You can find many world class brands of red wines. For example, 7 Miles Merlot Classic is semi- sweet red wine which is produced from the premium grape growing region of Mudgee in New South Wales, Australia. It is specifically created and blended to suite the Asian foods like poultry, cheese, pizza, nasi goreng, chicken curry, BBQ or Grilled food. It is served at 160C to 180C. It is crisp young wine for casual and social drinking and a great wine for beginners’. The aroma of this wine consists of Dark Cherry, chocolate and plum. They also contain hints of Vanilla bean which has a soft velvet like texture. It is appreciated by experts and is known as wine for all occasion.

The Pierre Jean Merlot is an intermediate dry red wine with an indication of syrupiness. It is soft to taste and is sophisticated, superior, and with an extraordinary fruitiness. This wine is a good combination with grilled meat, tomato-based pasta, mushroom, smoked chicken, duck, ham and many other dishes. This wine contains antioxidant procyanidin. The tannins present in this wine shield heart disease while resveratrol is accountable for a healthy heart and helps in removing chemicals responsible for blood clots. You can pick these wines from Lazada website and get free shipping. You can also avail the free return policy.