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Prevent spilling and throwing of food with baby placemats from RedMart 

Kids are naughty. They get extra messy and adamant during meal times. There are many families that find it difficult to handle the tantrums of kids throwing plates around intentionally or experiencing them spilling their soup or juice by mistake. As children learn the art of eating from their own plate, slips and falls are common. For older children who are going through a tough phase, throwing food away or using the plate like a Frisbee are all, unfortunately, fun activities. You can prevent all this by using a smart baby placemat. A placemat is a mat that is placed on the dining table, under the plates you eat on. These act as a buffer, preventing spills from reaching your expensive dining table.

One of the most popular kinds of placemat you can buy for your little one are the silicone placemats. These are easily available on RedMart. Silicone is a rubbery material that holds on to the table it is kept on and to the plate on top of it. This means that pulling the plate from the mat and throwing it will not be as easy as before. When you get these toddler placemats, ensure they are made of 100% food grade silicone. This makes it safer to use for an extended period of time. These mats come in different sizes. So, the older your children, the bigger can be the mat you invest in.

Be a smart parent and make mealtimes easy for toddlers

Imagine taking your child out to the restaurant. You get busy eating your food and suddenly you hear the sound of expensive dinnerware dropped down! Your kid decided to have some fun with the plate of food. Using a baby placemat for eating out in restaurants will save you the money spent on replacing the plates and also the embarrassment of dealing with the restaurant people. Some of these silicone placemats for toddlers come with their own plate or bowl designs. You can tap the mat to the table for it to get firmly attached and serve the food directly in these plates and bowls. This will save you the time of washing separate plates and cups. 

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