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Everybody loves clear, blemish free and clean skin. However, not all of us are blessed with the same. Internal medical conditions, external pollution, mental stress and the kind of food you eat all play havoc on the skin and results in various conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and dark spots. While treating them is the best permanent solution, it takes a really long time to achieve this. In a few cases, reversing these skin damages cannot be possible too. In such situations, foundation makeup comes to help. Foundations are covering agents that are applied over the skin to give you clear, smooth skin tone.

Apart from providing coverage, there are other health benefits of using a foundation. Best makeup foundations come with SPF to protect against UV radiations. These also have moisturizing properties that keep the skin healthy and hydrated. There are a few brands that add anti-aging ingredients to their products. When you use these, you are treating your skin while making it look good. If you have oily skin, then a matte foundation is your best choice. A matte finish ensures your skin does not look too oily after application. Such a foundation for oily skin absorbs excess sebum from the skin and makes you look fresh all day too.

Get the best full-coverage foundations for dressing up for special events and parties

A simple, medium or even low coverage foundation may be enough for everyday use. However, if you want to look your best or want to attend a party or an event where you will be judged on your looks, pick the best full-coverage foundation. As the name specifies, these offer utmost coverage and make you look flawless and stunning. When you buy such products from good brands, they are also airy and lightweight to use. A liquid foundation gives you a superb finish and a very natural look. If you are not satisfied with any of your cream or powder foundations, then do give these liquid variants a try. You should need only very little product at a time and these liquids last you really long.

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