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Use savory spreads from Redmart to make breakfasts and snacks extra special

A busy lifestyle often forces you to look for options that can make breakfasts and snacks easy to prepare and consume. And this is where the savory spreads from Redmart come in. Often made with ingredients like cheese, tuna, salmon, garlic, mushroom and yeast, these spreads are yummy, healthy and will keep your tummy full for long hours. Even kids love these spreads and you can keep a few different types handy so that snacking is always exciting. A cheese spread is especially a wise buy as it is loaded with the goodness of milk, creamy and very delicious. It will go well with hot toasts or crackers, or can act as a dip for chips too!  

Spreads made with yeast extract are thick, rich and yummy, despite being low in sugar and fat. It also provides vitamin B and is completely vegetarian. You can add it to soups or porridge for an enhanced flavor, or simply spread it on toast for a quick meal. Vegemite is another spread that is delicious and loaded with vitamin B. You can spread it on hot toasts and add a poached egg or some sliced veggies like tomatoes, carrots or onions for a wholesome breakfast or snack. The black sesame cream is a unique spread that has a smooth texture and is rich in essential minerals. It can improve hair and skin quality and make bones stronger. The un-hulled tahini spread can help in detoxifying your liver and prevent anemia. You can use it to make salad dressings or hummus.   

Get your hands on the best savory spreads ever!

The salmon spread is ideal for those who love to indulge in all things fishy, even for snacking. With mayonnaise as the base, this spread can be enjoyed on toasts or in salads. It is enriched with water chestnuts and sweet corn for a unique flavor. You will easily get your daily dose of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B and essential minerals. The tuna spread is also a great purchase as it is devoid of additives or preservatives. Yearning for something crunchy? Then the crunchy chocolate spread is just right for you, even though it is sweet. Spread it generously on toast, pancakes, waffles, or add it to ice creams, yogurt or milkshakes.   

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