Enjoy a healthy and long life by eating papayas from Redmart 

Did you know that papayas are called the fruits of angels? This amazing fruit is full of nature’s goodness and was considered a rare delicacy a couple of centuries back. These days papaya’s benefits and its taste can be enjoyed anytime you want. Papaya is grown in different parts of Asia and is widely loved in Singapore. Ripe papayas can be eaten on its own while raw papaya is very tasty too when cooked. If you are not able to get this wonder fruit easily, you can find it online on Redmart's page. It is very easy to place your order here and bring home the best papayas that can be sliced, diced or mashed to add to salads, shakes, and smoothies. 

Consuming papaya fruit is the easiest way to reduce the risk of asthma attacks. For people suffering from type 1 diabetes, papaya can help regulate blood sugar levels easily. Papain is an enzyme available in all variants of papaya. This helps reduce constipation and keep your stomach problem free. Fresh papaya that is fully ripe is orange or yellow in color. It is soft to touch and gives off a strong and sweet fragrance. For those who want a healthier snacking alternative, chopped papaya pieces work so well. The vitamin C content in the papaya helps prevent all signs of premature aging of the skin. If you want to add a very healthy fruit to your family’s meal plan, definitely choose this one.

Make an amazing salad for your dinner with red papayas

Apart from eating this fruit plain, many people like to add it to salads. The fruit is not too watery and holds its shape, making it a perfect sweet component in salads. If you are looking for a different kind of milkshake to consume at the beginning of the day, buy papaya, cut it into small pieces and mix it with a sweetener and some milk to make an amazing shake. Red papayas come with orange or orange-red skin and the flesh is super sweet. For desserts, you can add a scoop of ice cream to a cup and top it with a slice or two of fresh red papaya. This can be a hit at special luncheons too and even kids will love it. 

It is now easy to get all these different varieties of papayas from Redmart on Lazada. Our fruits are delivered to you in their freshest state or you get your money back. We also offer you all the products at their lowest possible prices. Did you see identical papaya that we sell at a lower regular selling price elsewhere? Let us know and we will match that price for you instantly. We will also pay you twice the price difference. We also deliver islandwide between 7 AM and 10 PM on all days of the week. For customers who have a LiveUp membership, we provide free delivery on orders that are valued above SGD 40. These members also get a 5% rebate on all their Redmart orders.