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Clean all areas around the house with a multipurpose cleaner from RedMart 

Some people are not ready to spend money on different kinds of cleaning solutions for different areas in their house. A few others cannot, for their life, identify which product to use where. For all these individuals, a multipurpose cleaner comes to help. Just as the name mentions, this is a one-product-do-all category. This type of cleaner can be used on many different surfaces for cleaning dirt, grease, dust, germs, and stains. These products come with a powerful combination of ingredients that makes cleaning so much easier. You can also get handy packs of cleaners that you can take with you when you travel.

There are many brands offering these all-purpose cleaners and all of them are available online on RedMart for you to buy and try out. If your glass windows are always dirty and glary, then you can use a few sprays of this kind of a cleaner on the surface and wipe it with a clean piece of cloth. The glass windows will shine after cleaning. Similarly, a multi-purpose cleaner also works great on steel surfaces. This means that you can use them in your sink area to remove dirt, food particles, and other greasy deposition. All these cleaners come with detailed instructions on how to use them. Make sure you follow the instructions to get the best results.

Awe your guests with a sparkly house 

Many people have this need to always clean up their surroundings, even when they travel. For such individuals, a multi-surface cleaner is a great product. This comes in the form of wet wipes and can be carried in handbags or laptop bags. You can easily take out a tissue from the pack and clean your work table, your chair, or even your computer screen. The tissue can be discarded after use. Some of the best all-purpose cleaners come in the form of sprays. You can spray it on the kitchen counter at the end of the day and simply wipe with a tissue or a clean cloth. This will take care of all the grease, oil, and grime deposits and leave the counter fresh and clean.

You can now choose from some of the best multipurpose cleaners online on RedMart page on Lazada Singapore. Placing an order on the site is very easy. We deliver all over the island now. Our delivery team works on each day of the week, delivering from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. Is another seller offering an identical cleaner that we have at a lower regular selling price? We will right away match that price for you and also pay you back twice the difference. This is our price match guarantee that we take very seriously. For customers with a LiveUp membership, we provide two additional benefits. They get free delivery on their orders valued above SGD 40 along with a 5% rebate on all RedMart products.