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Groom your nails with the manicure kit varieties from Redmart

No one loves jagged and chipped nails that can affect your overall look. Get a manicure kit from Redmart and put together your best look. Neatly kept nails can instantly boost your confidence levels. You can buy manicure accessories individually or you can also buy them in sets. The sets are an all-in-one solution to your nail problems. The sets sometimes come in a zippered case which makes it easier for you to carry all of the accessories along with you on your travels. From cuticle trimmers and nail clippers to pumice stones, the store has listed everything you can possibly need. The cuticle trimmers available here are made from stainless steel of salon quality.

If you want to maintain proper hygiene, then clipping your nails from time to time is very essential. The manicure set available on this store is finely-tuned to give you better control and also maximize your grip on these products. The tools included in the professional manicure kit are made from high-quality stainless steel which makes them sturdy and long-lasting. Investing in these sets will give you your money’s full worth. The tools, being made from stainless steel, allow safe sterilization and thus prevent any infections. The material also ensures that there is no corrosion even after consistent use over time. The kits are available in small cases that make them lightweight and so putting them in your bag will not make your bag bulky.

Get salon quality manicure with these sets

The nail files that you will get on this website will help in filing and buffing of nails. In some of the nail files, you will get different types of edges for different levels of smoothness. No matter what your nail shape is, you can make your nails look beautiful with these kits. These nail files can also be used to remove stains and ridges from the surface of your nails. Whether you want to file your natural nails or your artificial ones, these nail files can come of great help. The manicure and pedicure kit available on this store also includes pumice stones which can help clean your soles efficiently. If you want a smooth and callus free feet, then these pumice stones are what you need.

Redmart has listed a plethora of options for manicure tools and being a LiveUp member of Lazada will give you the added benefit of getting your order at an additional 5% rebate. You can also get a free delivery when your order value has surpassed the threshold value of SGD40.00. We, at Redmart, opt for products from reputed brands only and you will also get the lowest price for every product that you choose. Is our competitor offering you an even lower regular selling price for the same product? Let us know and we will pay you double the difference. We deliver our products everywhere on the island, seven days a week between 7 am and 10 pm.