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Nail polish removers are a must-have for every stylish woman

Nail polish is applied on your nails to help decorate while also protecting your nail plates so as to cause minimum cracking and flaking off your nails. A nail polish remover helps to get nail polish off the nails before applying a fresh coat of polish. The remover packages include felt pads soaked in remover, liquid remover packaged in a bottle to be used with cotton pads and foam filled in a container. The remover is a solvent incorporating oils, coloring as well as scents that effectively remove traces of your old polish covering before applying a fresh coat. The choice of remover depends on given user preference as well as the type, price, and quality of the products. For instance, acetone remover is most common since it contains acetate, a solvent of the nail polish hence effective for removing cured gel and acrylic artificial nails. However, it is very toxic and harsh on some skin types hence is to be used with caution.

There are some removers specially designed to incorporate ingredients that strengthen weak nails. For instance, the Manicare nail polish remover helps to stop that peeling which is prone to soft and weak nails. The strengthening remover is enriched with vitamins E and B5, elastin and keratin that keep your nails strong while effectively removing the polish. You only require soaking on a cotton ball and pressing on your nails for about five to ten minutes. It removes all the nail polish at once with minimal rubbing. It also causes minimal abrasion and itching to your skin hence ideal for use on sensitive skin. A drop added in old nail polish makes the polish thinner and pliable to paint nicely on your nails. It also contains a nice luxurious scent.

How to remove gel polish from your nails

Gel polish offers you weeks of chip-free wear as well as a glossy shine. It is vital to know how to get the gel off your nails correctly causing minimal damage to the natural nail bed underneath. Gelish soak-off gel remover is an ideal solution to your DIY gel polish removal process at home. You only need buffing the surface of your nails to remove the shine. Then soak cotton balls into the gel remover and place it directly on top of the nail. Wrap each finger with aluminum foil to prevent the evaporation of the acetone for about twenty to thirty minutes. Slide off the cotton ball and foil to remove the gel polish. You can then remove the remaining polish using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.

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