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Become the best bartender in your home with spirits and alcohol from Redmart

It is possible that you have everything you need to become the bartender for the next party that you host. The best ammunition for a bartender has to be quality spirits and alcohol and here you can trust Redmart to provide you with the best online. Browse through a wonderful range of options and order it up easily so you can focus on other aspects of organizing the most fabulous party. Rum is one of the more common and versatile options in liquor & spirits. You can use it to create simple drinks such as the ‘classic rum soda’ which features rum and any flavored soda. Adding lime or a flavored version of rum can elevate the taste beyond the original version.

It does not matter which spirit you use; you can create a perfect drink. All you need to do understand flavors to know which ones work together. For instance, using the same old rum, you can create wonderful drinks which are fruity and flavorful. For instance, a simple and tasty daiquiri can be made by mixing light rum with fresh lime juice. To this, you will need to add simple sugar syrup which will enhance the flavors. A few sprigs of mint and a wedge of lemon will make it look like it came out of the best bar in town. So, begin slow, use the best spirits and liquor for the ultimate taste, and you are well on the way to becoming a great bartender.

Bar equipment and the best alcohol can be purchased online

You can buy the best liquor online and you will find that you can save quite a bit when you do so. Apart from saving money, using a wide variety of liquor allows you to experiment and create drinks that are unique. For instance, you can whip up some amazing number of cocktails using vodka within minutes. A good appletini for example only needs good vodka; apple and lemon juice along with maple syrup. Similarly, explore the wonderful range of wine and spirits available online to come up with your own flavor combinations. Sign up for a class and before you know it, you may have a career in mixing drinks!

You can shop at ease and pick your favorite drinks from Redmart on Lazada Singapore. Shopping with us gives you numerous advantages and one of those is the price match guarantee. Have you noticed that the identical vodka or beer product is available at a lower price on a competitor’s site? Then, we will reimburse an amount equal to double the price difference without any questions. Additionally, shopping is easy as we deliver island wide, seven days of the week and between 7 am and 10 pm. LiveUp members can enjoy free delivery when the order value exceeds SGD 40.00. Also, you can save money as such members can enjoy a 5% discount on every order that they place.