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Unclog your pores with a face toner from RedMart

Every dermatologist and make-up specialist, worth his or her money, would extol the role a toner plays in maintaining clear skin! In fact, every cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine stresses the importance of using a face toner after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing it. Though toners are meant for every skin type, they are absolutely essential for people with oily skin or those who are prone to acne. A good facial toner helps shrink pores, acts as a moisturizer, refreshes skin, and even prevents ingrown hair. Those in Singapore looking to buy a face toner can place their order on RedMart. 

Customers who want to buy an alcohol-free toner can buy it from this online seller. This skin toner refreshes the skin without stripping it of its natural moisturizers. It also has special mild purifiers that gently remove impurities while simultaneously reconditioning the skin. So, the end result is clean, toned skin with the moisture intact. Suffering from oily skin problems? A toner with natural ingredients is often considered one of the best toners for oily skin as it even tones and provides a photo-aging defense to users. The toner contains cucumber extracts, aloe vera extracts, and papaya extracts – all of which together work to purify, hydrate, and treat hyperpigmentation of the skin. 

Flaunt your clear and radiant skin at all times by using the right toner

Want a product that helps restore the pH balance of the skin or to soothe your overheated skin? Go for a quality face spray. RedMart has pure water sprays that are suitable even for the most sensitive skins. This spray is extremely refreshing. Just spray on your face or body, wait for a few seconds, and gently pat dry. That’s it! Similarly, using a face mist also works like magic. The hydrating water mist from leading brands not only repairs your skin and reduces pigmentation, but also has anti-aging properties. Containing antioxidant lumiphenols and sakura blossom water, this mist can be used any time of the day. The seller also has super-moist toners with hyaluronic acid that replenish moisture deep within the skin. 

RedMart on Lazada is the ideal place to buy the best toners for your face. We deliver all over Singapore, on all seven days of the week, between 7 AM and 10 PM. We also have a storewide price match guarantee, in our effort to offer the best rates. Did you find the identical product at a lower regular selling price in a competitor store? Let us know. We will not only match the price but also give you twice the difference. Are you a LiveUp member? Then, we have some special perks for you. You get a flat discount of 5% on all products and free doorstep delivery on orders more than SGD 40. With so many benefits, why shop anywhere else!