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Yoghurt is a popular food item that is consumed all over the globe in various forms. It is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with a culture. It provides the required protein and calcium, and it enhances our healthy gut bacteria. It also helps in curing osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and aids digestion. Consuming it helps you get probiotics, Vitamin B and magnesium. It is a rich source of calcium as well. You can either eat it straight from the cup or add it to some drink. You can also use it for baking. In some culture, people also mix it with rice. On the Redmart store, you will find a wide variety of yogurt and other such dairy products.

If you love thick and creamy plain yoghurt, the Greek style natural yoghurt is your choice. It can withstand heat and offer to be a great dip if you love preparing Mediterranean-style food. It is perfect for curry and pasta sauce for flavor and richness. This type of yogurt is high in protein content and has thicker concentration. There are also natural yogurts from other brands here on Redmart. You can also try out the flavored yoghurt to eat it straight from the pack. It comes in handy especially when you have no time to cook breakfast. From strawberry, honey, coconut to aloe vera, there are hundreds of different flavors you can get. Start loading your kitchen shelves with them now!

Savor some delicious varieties of yogurt

It is time to stack up your cellars with these products to keep yourself cool in summer. Including yogurt in your diet is important as it helps in digesting your food and restores the balance in the stomach. It is a rich source of probiotics which aid in bowel movement. It can also be consumed in liquid form as yogurt drinks. These drinks are also good for kids and virtually any age group. Some of these are flavored to make them taste like juice but with more benefits than you can imagine. You can get low-fat ones that have more lactic cultures. These nutrient-rich drinks are perfect for your children. Combine them with your other drinks and enjoy the combination while keeping yourself healthy.

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